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What type of loan and financial services does finance-2u offer?
   Loan: Home Equity loan, Auto / Motorcycle Loan, Auto Refinance, Personal Loans, Student Loan and Payday Loan
   Mortgage: New Home Purchase and Home refinance
   Debt consolidation loan
   Credit Cards
   Credit report
   Banking: Checking Account, Saving Account and CD programs
   Insurance: Home Insurance, Home Insurance Property, Auto Insurance, Life insurance, Pet Insurance, Health Insurance, Dental, Vision, Long Term care and RX Savings Plan, Travel Insurance
   Tax services
   Real Estate

Is there any cost to apply?
   No! finance-2u does not require any fee or commission to submit an application and initiate the loan process.

Are there any hidden fees?
   No, there are no hidden fees to apply. Apply now.

How do I get started?
   1. Select the loan type you want
   2. Fill the application
   3. finance-2u will match your information with up to 4 lenders
   4. Receive a free offer from our trusty lenders
   5. Make sure youre getting a great rate !

What should I expect after I submit my loan application?
   Once you submit the application, finance-2u will match your information with up to 4 lenders. In order to get offer you a great rate, they must make a competitive offer every time. Once you received their offer you should compare between them and be sure to choose the loan offer.

How quickly will my loan be approved?
   Once you submit your application your loan will immediately begin the comparison process. In most cases finance-2u will deliver your application immediately and you will get offers within 24 hours. Who are your Lenders?
   finance-2u network includes many of the most respected lenders, insurer or banks in the United States or in United Kingdom. You probably are familiar with many of them. However, all of our network lenders are dedicated to providing the best service and competitive rates that will fit your financial needs.

Can I change my application after I've submitted it?
   Yes. Changes can be made at any time until you lock your interest rate with your specific lender. However, be aware that any changes may delay the closing date.

Am I obligated to accept an offer?
   No. You are under no obligation to accept any loan offers.
However, if you do accept an offer, you may be obligated to pay a fee to the lending institution to begin the processing of your request.

How does finance-2u protect my personal information when I apply online?
   Because privacy is of such concern to all consumers, finance-2u takes stringent measures to protect your personal information. More information you can see at our Privacy policy

Can I negotiate directly with the Lenders?
   Absolutely, you are under no obligation to accept the Lenders' offer. Moreover, if you've received a better offer from another Lender, you have the opportunity to negotiate it directly with the Lender about it.

What is the difference between the interest rate and the APR?
   The interest rate is the cost to borrow the money. The APR represents the total cost of the mortgage over the life of the loan, including closing costs and lender points.

How much can I refinance?
   You are able to refinance the existing payoff balance from your first mortgage or loan. You will need to contact your current lender to obtain payoff balance information.

If I enter my email address incorrectly, how will I find out about my loan offers?
   Your email and phone numbers are critical. Please make sure to enter them correctly.

Do you have Lenders who deal with less-than-perfect credit?
   Yes! We have Lenders who work with customers with perfect credit and less than perfect credit. We can't guarantee that you will get a loan offer; however, we will try to match your loan request with Lenders who are most appropriate to work with you.

What if I don't qualify for a loan?
   If we can't match your loan request to a Lender, you will get an email from us. If you havent received such an email and you havent received any loan offers you may return to the site and complete a new loan request. In such a case, please add a note in the proper field in the loan application that will describe it.

I've accepted an offer. How do I close the loan?
   After you accept an offer, you will need to communicate with the Lender to complete the loan process. In the lender offer you will get all the necessary details concerning the loan process.

I live outside the United States. Can I use finance-2u to find a loan?
   At this time, 1Placeloan accept requests for loans and other financial services for United States.and UK citizens or services that originate from US and UK.

How can I join the affiliate program?
   Please go to finance-2u Affiliate Program page.

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