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What Is Your Credit Score?
  Credit Report & Credit Score

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Improving Your Credit Score Credit scores are calculated based on your current credit report and they change every time your credit report changes. While this change may be very slight, it can also be much more dramatic. The best way to improve your score: 1. Pay your bills on time!!! 2. Review your credit report and correct any errors you find. Getting rid of inaccurate information can sometimes improve your score dramatically. 3. The ratio More >>
What is a Credit Score? A credit score is a number that is calculated based on your credit history to give lenders a simple answer for people who are applying for credit or loans. The credit score number helps the lender identify the level of risk they may be taking if they lend to you. The same result can come through reviewing the actual credit report however the credit score is quicker and less subjective. The system is based on information in the credit report More >>
Solving Your Credit Problems Your credit report can influence your purchasing power, as well as your opportunity to get a job, rent or buy an apartment or a house, and buy insurance. When negative information in your report is accurate, only the passage of time can assure its removal. A consumer reporting company can report most accurate negative information for seven years and bankruptcy information for 10 years. Information about an unpaid judgment against More >>
How to Clear Your Personal Credit Report There are many companies that claim they will repair your credit. Sometimes there is no need to pay someone else to do the job that you can accomplish all on your own. The first step to clearing your credit is to check a copy of your credit report. Most people find their credit is not as bad as they anticipated. There are three main credit bureau companies that provide consumer credit reports and since More >>
Credit Report Facts? To obtain a copy of your credit report, you must provide the following in writing: 1) Full name, including any previous names 2) Current address 3) Previous address (if needed for five-year credit history) 4) Social Security number 5) Date of birth 6) Signature. If you have been denied credit because of negative information in your credit report, you may ask which agency provided your credit history and then More >>
Top 5 Credit Misunderstanding
1. Your score will drop if you check your credit. Checking your own report and score is counted as a soft inquiry and doesn't harm your credit at all. Only hard inquiries from a lender or creditor, made when you apply for credit, can bring your credit score down a few points. However, multiple inquiries for the same purpose within a short amount of time are grouped together into a less More >>
Your credit score Your credit score comes from an algorithm that the credit bureaus use or develop to gage how credit worthy you are (Also known as FICO). The credit score is provided to lenders to give them an idea of how well you pay your bills, the odds that you will default and your overall credit performance. Many lenders depend on your credit score when considering loan approval. A low credit score can squeeze your More >>

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